Everbright Asia holding development limited was founded by Mr. Paul Ngan, who used to work for Tradigrain International SA Geneva. In the early 1990s, Mr. Ngan was overseeing the sugar trade of South East Asia region with specialized in bulk cargo shipments. With over 20 years of experience in international sugar trading experience, he started Everbright in 1995 to focus inter-Asia sugar trading.

Nowadays, Everbright is supplying sugar to almost all Asian countries with our major market in Indonesia. As the biggest sugar importer in Asia, Indonesia imports over 1.5 million tons of sugar every year. Each year Everbright trades over 40,000MT to Indonesia alone. With our customers locate in China, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea, Philippines and Singapore; we trade about 600,000MT in total a year.

Our buyers comply of industrial end users to those local distributors / wholesalers. Our Industrial customers include:

The sugar we supply are used in many different applications like candy manufacturing, soft drink bottlers, rock sugar manufacturing to even bee farming industry in South Korea. Besides the industrial users, we also supply sugar for local wholesalers to distribute to the local small users.

Supported by most of the prestigious sugar factories in Malaysia & Thailand, we have doing been business with most of them for over 10 years now and have established a very good relationship with them. We source almost all kinds of sugar, including Raw Sugar, VHP Sugar (Very High Polarisation), White and Refined Sugar, for our customers according to their different needs and requirements.